Welcome to the new SCP Website

We’ve been hard at work on this new version of the SCP Website and are extremely excited to finally be sharing it with you now! This new site has some great new features, but what is best about it is that each show now has its own complete site, which will allow people working on shows to post more information about the show during the production process.

In addition, both SCP’s website and each individual show site has its own blog, which will allow us to keep you a lot more informed about what is new with SCP and with each show.

You can look forward to behind-the-scenes looks at our shows as we work on them, as well as a real time look into what SCP as an organization is up to.

2 Responses to “Welcome to the new SCP Website

  • Doug Hughes
    2 years ago

    Congratulations. I love the large graphics on the home page.

    • nickmoline
      2 years ago

      Thanks Doug, And thanks for your feedback on our contact form, I’ve adjusted the CSS so that text is properly visible in the input fields. I’ll see what I can do to adjust the centering of the images on mobile for the home page slider.

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