Thanks to Our Graduating Seniors

Sunnyvale Community Players started our existence as solely a junior theater program, adding adult shows later in our history. To this day, our junior programs are a huge part of why we do what we do.

The simultaneously great and sad thing about junior programs however, is that eventually those junior actors graduate high school and move on to bigger and better things.

We have been fortunate that many of those former junior players have come back in their adulthood and worked with us again (including several members of SCP’s Board of Directors), but others move on to do great things elsewhere.

Whatever our graduates do, we couldn’t be who we are without them. At this year’s Annual Meeting, we decided to have a special presentation to honor our graduating seniors who have participated in productions at SCP (both junior and other productions).

This sign was on display during the meeting

The graduates were sent an invitation to join us at the meeting and those that attended were given a Sunflower to represent what they mean to our SCP family.

Sunflowers for our Graduates
Board member Kathy Stiles presenting sunflowers to our graduates

To our graduates, we thank you for being a part of the SCP Family, we wish you great success in whatever you do, and if your future leads us back to Sunnyvale in the future, know that our family will always welcome you home, and we hope to work with you on future productions.

Our Seniors

  • Samantha Ayoob
  • Sarah Bailey
  • Shirley Brill
  • Noelle Dea
  • Kenneth Derryberry
  • Lord Leon Fauntleroy
  • Jianna Gladfelter
  • Clara Jensen Tweney
  • Braden Koch
  • Jeannessa Lurie
  • Ryan McCauley
  • Cameron Meyers
  • Whitney Moore
  • Olivier Plamandon
  • Vero Plamandon
  • Sara Robertson
  • Bennett Rosenberg
  • Skyler Riordan
  • Ellie Schwartz
  • Namiko Turner

The Scholarship Winner

We already mentioned this in our post about the annual meeting, but we also wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Hannah Milon once again on being the 2019 recipient of the Evelyn Ruth Schinski Memorial Scholarship.

Hannah is currently pursuing theater at Foothill College after previously acting in SCP’s productions of Shrek and Fiddler on the Roof, as well as a number of productions with other Bay Area theaters. Congrats Hannah, we look forward to seeing what you do in your bright future.

Hannah Milon, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

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