Sunnyvale and Sustainability: No More Bottled Water

Our friends, and hosts, at the city of Sunnyvale care deeply about sustainability and protecting our natural resources. Over the past several years the city has been systematically enacting what they call the Climate Action Plan (CAP).

The CAP contains a number of measures for the last several years. The 1.0 version of the plan was dedicated to reducing emissions within the city of Sunnyvale back to 1990 levels by the year 2020. Sunnyvale’s efforts have already been hugely successful as indicated in the progress reports from 2016 and 2018 and they managed to achieve a 12% reduction below 1990 levels several years ahead of schedule in 2016.

Emboldened by their success, the CAP 2.0 was born and the city moved to do even more to help our environment. There are currently 240 ideas submitted by our community published in a document called the Climate Action Playbook.

Why are we talking about this here on the SCP Blog? Idea ID #172 submitted by our community to the City of Sunnyvale reads:

Ban the sale or dispersal of disposable, single use plastic water bottles at public events permitted by the City.

Climate Action Playbook 2.0 Appendix A: Ideas Roster

Such “public events” would naturally include performances by Sunnyvale’s resident community theatre organization, Sunnyvale Community Players.

SCP applauds the efforts of the City of Sunnyvale and are happy to comply with the efforts listed in the Climate Action Playbook to do our part for sustaining our environment.

Because of this, SCP will no longer sell bottled water at any of our performances going forward. You are welcome to bring your own bottled water with you to SCP performances, though we strongly recommend you use reusable water bottles as opposed to single-use plastic water bottles.

You are welcome to refill your water bottles at our SCP performances.

Don’t have a reusable water bottle or just want to show your love for Sunnyvale Community Players with an SCP Branded Water Bottle, you can now purchase these fantastic BPA-free Sunnyvale Community Players Water Bottles at concessions for the low price of $7.

SCP Reusable Water Bottles

Thank you for your support of SCP and the conservation efforts outlined in the City of Sunnyvale’s Climate Action Playbook.

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