Announcing Virtual Auditions for Once on This Island

Sunnyvale Community Players is pleased to announce virtual auditions for  Once On This Island, the rousing Calypso-flavored tale of one small girl who finds love in a world of prejudice. 

In accordance with California’s current Shelter-in-Place ordinance, we will not be holding in-person auditions.  So we are holding virtual auditions instead! We ask all applicants to fill out our online audition form and submit along with a video audition.

Auditions will remain open until April 10th.

Virtual Auditions for Once on This Island

About the Show 

This Caribbean adaptation of the popular fairy tale, The Little Mermaid, garnered eight Tony nominations for its Broadway run, including Best Musical, Book and Score, and just completed its very successful Broadway revival winning the Tony for best revival. 

The story takes place in the early 1900s, and is packed with exciting Caribbean inspired music. Come join us on an island and experience the magic. 

Join Theatre Bay Area-nominated director/choreographer Gary Stanford Jr. for this exciting production. We intend to respect the original intent of the writers and Broadway producers by having an ethnic cast in specific roles from around the Bay Area, and further to fill the roles with the incredible talent we know is out there and has been waiting to revisit this seminal work. All ethnicities are encouraged to audition for roles which fit their background, age, and skills.

Director/Choreographer: Gary Stanford Jr. 
Music Director: Sean Green 

Important Dates 

Rehearsals: September 14 – October 24, 2020 
Tech: October 25-30, 2020 (no conflicts allowed) 
Performances: October 31 – November 15, 2020 Thursdays- Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2:30pm. 

Regular rehearsals are Sunday from 6:30pm-9:30pm and Monday-Thursday from 7pm-10pm. Some Saturdays may be required.

Character Descriptions

Little Ti Moune
Age: 7-12
We are kooking for a dynamic actress who can sing and dance as ensemble as well. Will be matched with actresses playing the role of Ti Moune, the older version of her role.

Mama Euralie
Ti Moune’s adoptive mother. Mama is the symbolic mother of us all. She is loving, practical, funny and “earthy”. Looking for a dynamic vocalist and comedic actress.
Gender: Female
Age: 45 to 55
Vocal range top: B4
Vocal range bottom: Gb3

Tonton Julian
Ti Moune’s adoptive father. Tonton is strong, practical, and supportive father figure. He is faced with the difficulty of letting Ti Moune chase her dreams and possibly never seeing her again.
Gender: Male
Age: 45 to 55
Vocal range top: E4
Vocal range bottom: A2

Ti Moune
Our story’s protagonist. A peasant girl who has been adopted, she is a dark skinned island girl with much curiosity and energy. Earnest and romantic about all creatures. Falls tragically in love with Daniel.
Gender: Female
Age: 15 to 20
Vocal range top: E5
Vocal range bottom: G3

A youthful man from the wealthy part of the island. He is pale skinned and inherently bound to fulfill the expectations of his higher social class. Struggles with his feelings for Ti Moune.
Gender: Male
Age: 18 to 25
Vocal range top: F#4
Vocal range bottom: C#3

The Stern and traditional father of Daniel, is insistent on Daniel following the traditions of the family with no questions asked.
Gender: Male
Vocal Range : Bass

The Daughter of Daniel’s family friends and is arranged to marry Daniel yet feels very threatened by the innocent and lovely Ti Moune.
Gender: Female
Vocal Range : D5
Low Range : B3

Papa Ge
The Demon of Death. Papa Ge is proud and sly. Has menacing ways which often a cause of much distress and is in control of life and death.
Gender: Male/Female/Other
Vocal range top: G4
Vocal range bottom: C3

The Mother of Earth. She is very caring and nurturing. Her motherly disposition make her well-suited to provide inhabitants with anything they need.
Gender: Female/Other
Vocal range top: E5
Vocal range bottom: A3

The God of Water is very strong, clever, and compassionate. Enjoys playing with the rain and ocean.
Gender: Male/Female/Other
Vocal range top: E4
Vocal range bottom: B2

The Goddess of Love, beautiful and elegant with a strong belief in the power of love. She has a sympathetic heart.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: C#5
Vocal range bottom: A3

Looking for a strong dance ensemble that can play a number of roles throughout the show such as Gossipers, Gatekeeper, Upper Class Citizens, Peasants, Storytellers

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