Sunnyvale and Sustainability: No More Bottled Water

Our friends, and hosts, at the city of Sunnyvale care deeply about sustainability and protecting our natural resources. Over the past several years the city has been systematically enacting what they call the Climate Action Plan (CAP). The CAP contains a number of measures for the last several years. The 1.0 version of the plan was dedicated to reducing emissions within the city of Sunnyvale back to 1990 levels by[...]

SCP’s 2019 Annual Meeting is in the Bag

This morning, SCP held our annual meeting at De Anza Park. This is the time in the year that the members of SCP join with the Board to get an update on SCP’s progress and to make important decisions that the Board alone cannot make. Food and Fun This meeting is the end cap on our 2018-2019 fiscal year and our landmark Golden Anniversary 50th season. We decided that a[...]

Welcome to the new SCP Website

We’ve been hard at work on this new version of the SCP Website and are extremely excited to finally be sharing it with you now! This new site has some great new features, but what is best about it is that each show now has its own complete site, which will allow people working on shows to post more information about the show during the production process. In addition, both[...]